The Digital Generation

Play by their rules or be left in the dust


Taking Care of Business

The digital worker is changing the way business gets done.


What You Need to Win the Game

Outrun the competition with a flexible, agile and scalable software-defined environment.


A Deeper Dive

Here’s what experts says about digital workers and their impact on IT infrastructure

Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025


62% of employees use personal devices in the workplace

personal-devices 62%

Non-traditional work situations have become commonplace

non-traditional 20% Nearly 1/4 identify as late-night workers 38% More Freelancers than Gen Y 32% Believe they will work flex hours in the future

Tech-savvy workers have high expectations

expectations Prefer to collaborate online Use their own money to buy apps for work

More than 80% use non-approved SaaS apps to get work done

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